QTS Architects, the name referring to the three primary shapes (Qudratus, Triangle, Sirkel – Latin, English, Dutch), started practising in 1980.

Today the over 90 years of collective experience of the firm’s founding members is complemented by a new breed of design talent that combined, ensures intelligent and effective design solutions to all our projects.

QTS Architects have worked on a wide range of projects, from the humble residential home to multimillion dollar international projects. We focus predominantly, but not exclusively, on the hotel and tourism industry and in the last 15 years have worked extensively in Northern Africa & Eastern Europe.

QTS does not aim to have a signature design style – we believe that architecture should be driven by a design language that is formalistically and stylistically less predictable. In a world of mass production and trend we prefer that each design project generate its own style and planning response to the varying factors of client brief, context (both geographic & social) and economy.

Therefore it is the creation of human friendly and legible spaces that is fundamental to the positive experience of a building for the end user. This is only one aspect of a building however and central to all good design, is also cost, space and energy efficient design solutions. It is this well balanced design product that QTS Architects strives to achieve for each project